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At Houston Porta Potty Rentals, we understand the challenges of working on jobsites with limited space.  That’s why we offer innovative Combo Power Restrooms – the perfect solution for keeping your crew productive and the work environment clean.

Two Essentials in One

This ingenious unit combines a standard construction restroom with a temporary power source, eliminating the need for separate installations.  This saves valuable space and simplifies your jobsite setup.

Power When You Need It Most

The Combo Power Restroom connects to either overhead or underground electrical sources, providing the power you need to run tools, lighting, or other equipment.  It features:

  • 10-foot mast for overhead connections
  • Sweep connection for underground sources
  • One 220v outlet and two 110v outlets
  • Configurable for 100 or 200 amp applications

Unmatched Convenience and Comfort

While specific restroom options may vary, each unit boasts a spacious interior, a large 70-gallon waste capacity, and built-in wall vents for proper ventilation.  Heavy-duty, vandal-resistant door springs and a secure “in-use” indicator lock ensure user privacy and safety.

The Ideal Solution for Tight Spaces

The Combo Power Restroom is a lifesaver on jobsites with limited space or where traditional power poles can’t be installed.  Its compact design maximizes efficiency without compromising on worker comfort or essential power needs.

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Don’t let space limitations hinder your project’s progress.  Contact Houston Porta Potty Rentals today to learn more about our Combo Power Restrooms and get a free quote.  We offer a variety of portable sanitation and power solutions to keep your jobsite running smoothly.

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